Land Snails Roman Style


07/28/2012 by Stephen Silke

Beware if you find yourself in an enclosed space, eating bread crumbs for two days straight.

I knew Romans were cruel, but the following recipe, taken form Ada Boni’s classic book The Talisman Italian Cook Book is the cruelest. And there is so much drama in the seemingly innocent setup.

Water soaked bread. An enclosed space. Then a bath is prepared (well, a terrible caustic saltwater bath–that other snails tell foam erupting stories about). You’re thinking, well, sure I’m foaming, but at least i’ll only have to foam once, and then the process is repeated. After that you’ve completely expelled all the foam you could ever expel, and then you’re placed underwater in a large pan over slow fire.

That’s when you decide to give up the ghost and in one last ditch effort you push your head out of your shell, but lo and behold, though you’re dead, you’re swimming in this great tasting sauce. Buon apetito!

If I were a snail and heard of this recipe, I’d crawl back into my shell, and never show my head, ever.


One thought on “Land Snails Roman Style

  1. italiancuisineblog says:

    Great Post! Coincidentally, I just referred to The Talisman in my new post about Veal with Anchovies (pg 107 in Ada Boni’s book).

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